Yeast Server

The aim of the Yeast templates Server (or Yeast Server) is to help to web application developers by managing tasks related to the management of the Yeast templates, its storing infrastructure, and to the processing of the templates (read more).

Yeast Server provides accessibility support for Yeast templates. If you configure it properly (see Yeast-Server user's guide), Yeast Server detects if the requesting user agent supports JavaScript, sending Yeast templates as a response. Otherwise, Yeast Server processes the templates in the server side, returning HTML without Yeast code. Read more about accessibility support.

Moreover, you can configure Yeast Server (see Yeast-Server user's guide) so that it preprocesses the templates to cache them in the browser. With this facility activated, the throughput of the server is greately increased (see the experiments). Read more about the browser side cache facilities of Yeast Server.

We will provide you with the following APIs: