Copyright (c) 2009, Francisco José García Izquierdo. University of La Rioja. Mathematics and Computer Science Department. All Rights Reserved.

Using the translator

The translator uses the jTidy HTML ( library to parse the template and transform it. During the parsing phase, some errors or warnings can be found.

The translator is packed in the ysttrl.jar java executable file. To translate a template named <file> type down the following command in the operating system console:

java -jar ysttrl.jar [-p <path>] [-o <dest_file>] [-v] <file>

where the options mean:


verbose; the translator shows information about the translation process, including transformation warnings. Errors are always shown

-p <path>

specifies a directory where the source template is taken and the translation result is stored. The default directory is “.”.

-o <dest_file>

specifies the result file name. By default ysttrl adds the “_t” suffix to the source template name.

NOTE: If you use Yeast-server to serve Yeast templates in your web application, you can configure the server to automatically translate your templates.


java -jar ysttrl.jar templ.html

Translate the template ./templ.html into the ./templ_t.html file.

java -jar ysttrl.jar -p yst -o templ2.html templ.html

Translate the template yst/templ.html into the yst/templ2.html file.


Bug reports etc.

Bug reports:
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Copyright notices

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