Try it yourself!

This page lets you test Yeast templates by your own. To do it properly you need to know the Yeast templates foundations. Read the Overview section or even the Yeast Templates tutorial. You also have several Yeast templates examples at your disposal.


  1. Specify the designer's model in the blue box below (init and model sections). Put the Javascript definitions directly, without enclosing them in a <script> tag. Take into account that, if you are editing a previous model, old model values remain. If you want to reset the old model you must reload this page.
  2. Type down some related Yeast code in the yellow box
  3. Press the 'process' button when done.

You will see the resultant view in the green box at the end of the page.

The model

<script yst="model" yst="init">

The Yeast code

The view