Yeast examples and demos

This is the index page for Yeast examples and demos.

Yeast templates examples

The following samples show different facilities of Yeast templates.

At each sample, we show, as well as the achieved visual effect, the model section (designer's model) and the Yeast code used for the template.

You will be able to change the values of the model section and test the effect of these changes in the visualized page. Please, change the values of the declared variables, and, eventually, add new elements to the defined arrays. Do not change the name or structure of the model section data, because templates depend on it.

Link Description
$e$ $descriptions[i]$

Try it yourself!

This page lets you test Yeast templates by your own. Try it yourself!.

Yeast - AJAX: Google on-line translation

In this example we use the Google AJAX Language API together with Yeast-AJAX in order to develop a simple on-line translation service.

On-line demo application

We have used Yeast Server to build a simple Yeast web application for demo purposes. You can download and deploy this application by your own.