Yeast templates demo application

Yeast is an attribute based, double-model based, browser-side HTML template system. That is, Yeast templates are processed in the user's browser. The template engine, coded in JavaScript, is located in the browser.

Yeast provides a Java API, Yeast Server, that helps to build web applications that use Yeast templates. The aim of Yeast Server is to help to developers by making easier tasks related to the management of the templates, and its storing infrastructure, and to the processing of the templates.

Select the demo to run

Shopping basket demo
This demo shows you a simulation of a e-commerce application that is used to sell books. You will be able to select a set of books from a list and then the typical shopping basket page will be shown. You can select to use default transformers or custom transformers (see source code for details).
Calendar demo
This demo shows you a simulation of a online calendar application. You will be able to add appointments to your calendar, and navigate from month to month using the navigation buttons at the end of the page.
AJAX Calendar demo
Another online calendar application but, in this case, using the YST-AJAX API for AJAX interactions.
Spelling suggestions
Show a list of words whose beginning matches the text you type down in a text field.
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