Supported browsers

Yeast templates are processed by a script loaded with the page.

For the processing of the template, the DOM JavaScript API is used. As was expected, many cross-browser problems have arisen during the template engine development.

A lot of tests have been performed, including form controls, structural elements (tables, divs ...), styles, event handlers, and so on. A total of 166 different versions of browsers have been tested, in different platforms (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) resulting that Yeast templates can be used with

  • Internet Explorer (from version 5.5 inclusive),
  • Gecko based browsers: Firefox, Mozilla, SeaMonkey, K-Meleon and Flock have been tested.
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari (for Mac and windows platforms)
  • Opera, from version 8
  • Netscape, from version 7 (Netscape v6 is almost but not fully supported)
  • DeepNet
  • AOL Explorer
  • Konqueror (for Linux).

This covers approximately 98% of the available browsers, depending on the consulted browser statistics (e.g. W3CSchools, WebReference, TheCounter ...)